Wednesday, March 25, 2015


New messenger bags for a dinosaur obsessed little boy....

and a Frozen obsessed Stardust.

A new immersion blender.  I can make chocolate whipped cream for my strawberries!  Who knew!!

A new wing chair for comfortable hand stitching in The Sandbox.  I do allow a few select other people to sit in it.  ;-)

A new "diaper" bag from the Takeoff Tote pattern.  Fabulous pattern!  No more diapers, but one does have to carry a certain amount of toddler stuff around.  Might as well do it in style.

Behold.  A UFO actually put together!  That's new.

Renewal.  A quilt from the 1950s saved to the best of my ability.  The least fragile of the non-shredded blocks put back together, borderd and requilted.  It is now in a place of honor over the owner's bed.

A new bed!

 New language skills.  Behold the "lellow vacaloom!"

New levels of fearlessness were displayed at the mall yesterday.

A new generation that has no knowledge of life before selfies.  So of course he insisted on a selfie with his chocolate milk.  :-)

A renewed interest in some of the old sewing machines that have somehow crept into the house when I wasn't looking.   (Believe that and I have a bridge to sell you.)  I cleaned up the Singer 301A (on the left) and plan to take it on retreat.  Messy job.  This pic was taken after I had cleaned up.  Hmmmm.

Oiled up, shined up, and ready to be used!

What new thing (or old....let's face it, the UFOs aren't going anywhere) can I accomplish today??  Oh yeah.  I have the fabric sitting over there for another dog bed.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Piglet is well and truly part of the household now.  Even to the point of joining in Skype conversations with The Tramp.  Tee hee!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ok Mom

Now even my mother (who lives a whole 3 miles away) is poking me about not posting.  Gak!

To give you an idea of what is going on around here, let me just say the tilers have been here all day.  Ooooooo!  Am I getting nice shiny new bathrooms?  A new powder room??  A new kitchen floor???  Nope.  Sigh.  It's all repair.

We had the evil polybutylene plumbing.  Really bad news.  After the last leak, which damaged the kitchen we don't....and have the corresponding holes in our walls and ceilings to prove it.  The week before Christmas found us taking down the kitchen ceiling and prepping ourselves for several days of no water.  (We had water at night thank goodness.)  The weather hasn't exactly been cooperative either.  It's been seesawing between warm and extremely wet, and COLD.  The plumbers worked hard outside trenching the front yard (in red clay mud) and replacing the water to the house, then replaced all the hot and cold water pipes, installed three dual-flush toilets, shower and bath controls, two faucets, pressure reducing valve, and hot water heater.   As it's really COLD again, it's also nice to know the feeds to the sinks are now coming up through the floors rather than being in the outside walls.  No more barking our shins on open cabinet doors on cold nights.  Yay!

So the kitchen was swathed in plastic, after which I left The Tramp in peace with his demolition and went back to The Sandbox to finish up some Christmas sewing.

Unfortunately, one of the ceiling fixtures came down with a crash in the process.

Christmas lights twinkling on the screened porch cheered us up a bit.

My poor shower!

Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!  (There is another hole just as big on the wall to the right, the back of the other shower.)  Tiles came down over the bathtub on the back side of the wall too.  From all the banging I presume.

Oh dearie dear dear.

 The downstairs powder room suffered indignities too, with a floor to ceiling hole and a chunk out of the ceiling.  And the ceiling in the garage, made necessary in part by a steel I-beam rudely getting in the way.

But all the new pipe is in and looking good.  Even better, the town inspector thought so too.  :-)

Meet the new hybrid hot water heater.  Yep. It's big.  It reminds me of the robot in Lost In Space.  "Danger!  Danger, Will Robinson!"  Me and HHWH are best buds too.  I say hello everytime I go out to the refrigerator.  :-P

So Christmas goodies were cooked in the dark.  Swiping a lamp from the living room helped quite a bit.  Maybe I should say it was "atmospheric."  :-)

And today tile was replaced.  Of course you can't match 30 year old tile.  (Surprise, surprise.)  It's an eighth of an inch smaller these days....for goodness sake.  So the tiler came up with the herringbone pattern to fill in and we think it looks very nice.  The whole shower has been acid washed and recaulked, the rusty shower door removed, grout fixed in the bad spots, and will be sealed tomorrow.  Almost like new.  Almost.

Now if we could just get rid of all the nasty wallpaper.....shudder.

As if there wasn't enough mess, I got the itch to do some shuffling in The Sandbox and The Tramp obliged once again. Isn't he a sweetie?  He put up another pegboard for me and built an insert for the top drawer of my little bureau for all the Bernina 710 feet and bobbins. He rebuilt a table and installed shelves too. :-D

ESD has been busily sewing away in New Zealand.  New hats were the project last week.  Sweet!  (I'll save all my recent sewing photos for another post.)

ED posted this photo on Facebook to show off "a boy and his dog."  Pepsi is a rescue and a new member of their household.

Which prompted me to post this photo of "a boy and his other dog."  Piglet is a new member of our household.  Isn't she a love....and she puts up with small boys too!

 Just so there is a little bit of sewing I include this photo of a quilt my bee is putting together out of our scraps.  Last week we got the finished blocks up and placed to our satisfaction on R's design wall, and divided it into quarters.  I've put the lower right quadrant together.  It's going to be fabulous.

AND....drumroll please....for 2015.  A flimsy finish.  Already!  Woot!

Saturday, November 29, 2014


I thought I'd work backwards this time doing a bit of catching up.  I take photos all the time with blog and Facebook in mind, but I just don't seem to get to it!  But, I can type and mouse without pain now so I guess that's no longer an excuse.  :-)

So today The Magnificent Tramp agreed to wrestle with some acrylic and tools to cut an insert for my sewing table.  I was very proud of myself when I managed to measure and make a pattern for him to follow.  I lay the acrylic insert from the old Bernina 440 over the pattern and you can see how much larger the 710 is!  Wow.

After all the sawing, and sanding by both of us, we adjusted the table lift to the proper height and there we are!  Like it was meant.  :-)  A few rough spots and nicks but nothing that affects use.

The Tramp's first cut with the saw went a little awry and left an unintended notch.  Well look at that.  It turned out to be a perfect place to snake the power cord through.  Just the right size to stop the cord from slithering down to the floor when I unplug the machine.  Happy dance!

I had been using the machine with the table lift up a bit high and the Bernina table/platform attached to the machine.  Perfectly fine except it curves down in the front.  Everything kept slipping off onto the floor!  The scissors, the stilletto, the pencil, the ruler.  Sigh.  And if I didn't put it where it was in danger of slipping off, my scissors etc. were balancing on that thin bit of table.  I am so excited to be able to put my tools back where they belong!  No more catching-them-quick or fishing them back up off the floor and out of the wastebasket.  Yay!!  Life is good.

Yesterday I received goodness in the mail.  All the way from Australia!  Woot!  It's my SSCS swap giftie.  Love the owl ornament!  I have one Christmas tree with just birds on it.  How perfect!!  Now I have to be good and put the other gift under the tree.  Darn!

Thanksgiving was very pleasant.  No one is especially fond of turkey here so we decided to experiment with cornish game hens, which not only had I never cooked before, but didn't know are neither Cornish, nor gamebirds, nor necessarily hens.  Who knew?  I followed a how-to video on the America's Test Kitchen site and hoped for the best.  Not bad.  Not perfect, but a good first try.  We were so busy visiting and eating I forgot to take any photos at Thanksgiving dinner!  So here is a token photo of the same dinner tonight.  Only one more meal of leftovers in the fridge and no mountains of turkey to be creative with.  Yessss.

The Sailor Son was able to get away for a few days and join us.  Someone commented on his new hairstyle and The Tramp mentioned he looked like a throwback to Leave it to Beaver.

And so he does!  Happily he took it as a compliment.  :-)

My Thanksgiving cacti are blooming like crazy.  (I should really try for a better-than-phone photo.)

Our sweet Stardust is apparently getting the most out of Autumn too.

In between the very chilly days we had a couple of warm wet ones so The Viking got in some serious sandbox time.

He is also fascinated with the "storm trooper gun" his older cousins leave at our house.  He uses it as a camera and walks around with it plastered to his forehead saying "cheese" and clicking away at the trigger.  On this day a contractor was replacing a rotted post on the back porch steps and The Viking dragged a chair over to the door so he could watch and take pictures.  I can only wonder what the contractor thought.

The Viking's vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds and he talks incessantly.....even when he's eating.  Snap, Crackle, POP!

Colors are a big deal at the moment as well, so we've provided pencils, crayons, books and paper.  At the moment most things are colored blue or brown!

LOL  Mr. Funnyface and I had a game night and amazingly I won.  Twice!  Trivial Pursuit is not one of my strengths, but the original game cards have so many older American historical and cultural references The Tramp struggles a bit and it puts us on a much more level playing field.  :-)

Last weekend Mom had a table at the craft fair in her retirement community.  She had scarves and shawls, lap quilts, catnip quilts, and beaded Santa earrings--which sold instantly.  The little quilts with catnip in them are very popular too, and several more people have ordered them.

There are revolving art displays in the big rotunda and "main" hallways.  Mom and another quilter have had a display of quilts up for two months.  Mom has so many wonderful quilts we were able to refresh her part of the display after the first month.  Lucky me, four of these quilts live at my house!  This hallway is so long (this is just a short bit of it) that the residents call it I40 (after the local Interstate highway 40).  The Viking loves all the long hallways and it's hard to discourage him from running as fast as he can!   From where I'm standing, the cafe, where I take him for lunch with Nanny and Papa, is behind me to the left, just past the library.  Outside the dining room and the cafe are "parking lots" for electric carts, wheelchairs, and rolling walkers.  The Viking is ever fascinated by all the wheels here!

ED's birthday (she was a Thanksgiving day baby!) was earlier this week and I made up a new Zip and Go bag for her.  With paw prints of course!

Four charity quilts were bound recently too.

Now my machine is properly in it's table I have a baby quilt to finish quilting.  Maybe tomorrow is the day!