Tuesday, July 28, 2015


July has come and gone....just about.  A new baby cousin came to visit and it was a great opportunity for a family photo.  Oh my!  I think my hair is whiter than Mom's.

I injured my shoulder hanging quilts at the guild meeting so no rotary cutting for me at the moment.  (I so want to work on Omigosh.  If I had just done all the cutting the week before!  :-)  Sigh.)  Instead I've been finishing up projects that are laying in the corners of the room that only require scissors.  This apron kit has been laying around since 2008!

Hot days call for ice cream.  He put his feet up there and declared he was "sitting like Nini on the beach."  Hmmmmm.

In the last post I was working on a knit "muslin" of a shirt pattern.  The knit shirt came out just fine.  This is a woven cotton version with another sleeve variation.  Meh.

And this is the hand-dyed rayon version.  Not my cup of tea.  But ED really likes it so it went home with her.  :-)

The Viking has his stubborn moments.  You can see ED trying to coax him into the car.  He of course, had other ideas.  "I not go Mommy.  I have to sit on my rock."  :-D

ED works for a landscaper and called me one day to come and help myself to some leftover plants.  Nice!

I just love this photo of Dad and The Viking on a mission to look at the fountain.

Uncle Sailor Son and his boys came for a visit.  Lots of giggles were had by all.

Everyone had fun at the lake.  It's funny how many people you see all around you on the beach with their phones in hand....my family included I'm afraid.  My excuse is, it's my camera!  Heh.

The boys had a fabulous time.

We also took them all to the Marbles Kid's Museum in Raleigh.  The older boys went off with their dad to the more sophisticated play areas, like the submarine.....

and I watched The Viking drive a fire truck....

play with trains.....

 drive the bus.....

fly the helicopter....

and get absolutely soaked to the skin playing with boats.

I made some gluten-free play dough and the boys tore themselves away from the Lego for a bit of kitchen time.

After watching his older cousins play with the Chuggington trains, this week has been all about trains.

The Tramp and I managed to get some of the gift plants in the ground.

Before they left I managed to finish a pair of car caddies for Five and Batman.  They thought the comic book fabric was "awesome."  (Yay!)

I've had the pattern hanging around for over a year.....as well as some of the fabric and notions.

I finished up a third for LZF's car.  Guitars for the Led Zeppelin Fan.

A fourth for ED's car.  Flames for the NJ Devils fan.  One more for my car is in process, then I have to search for the perfect fabric for Stardust.

Time for me to move off to bed.  This is The Viking at nap time today.  He insisted on sleeping with his little garbage can.  Too cute.  I suspect I'll leave my wastebaskets on the floor where they belong.  ;-)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!

Stardust looks ready to celebrate.  I believe that was a few days ago though because the rains came down today in both New Jersey

and North Carolina.  Sigh.

Yesterday, I finished my 111 blocks!!  Woot!!  Yippee!!  Happy Dance!!  And they look ok.  I wasn't sure my contrast was good enough (it isn't), but I'm so happy to see those diagonals....they stand out in a small photo anyway.

I couldn't resist stacking them up agains the ruler.  :-)

Feeling a sense of accomplishment I thought I'd take a break from Omigosh.  I cleared off the cutting table and traced a shirt pattern I bought from a vendor (Fabrilish) at the recent symposium.  It's been so long since I've sewn a garment it took a bit to get started.  I was nervous about cutting into the expensive hand dyed rayon lawn I bought with the pattern, so I bought some cheap knit to test my skills with.

Just a gratuitous photo of dogs.  I can't remember why they were waiting for me, but obviously they were.  Everyone was a bit out of sorts this week as we tried to get back on schedule after a week of being sick, so they were a bit clingy.

Mom was having some trouble with her new Bernina so we packed it up to take in for repair.  The retirement community has carts to help the residents move belongings around.  The Viking is "helping" them push the cart to the front doors where I will be waiting with the car....if I stop taking photos on the way.  The machine was easily fixed while we waited.  Yay!

Thursday, The Viking and I were able to spend time at the lake.  The sand toys are much enjoyed.

And at lunchtime he decided the cup holder in the arm of his chair was a sandwich holder.  :-D

He is currently getting lots of enjoyment out of the bins of Duplo blocks.  This however, is what adults (me) build when they are on the phone, on hold, for way way way too long (multiple times).  Turns out to be a good way to deal with the frustration.  Heh.

So tonight we didn't try to go out to any of the holiday celebrations.  Instead we turned up the TV loud to cover up the noise of the fireworks going on all around us.  Not that the dogs actually prefer Robbie Williams or Sammy Davis Jr. to firecrackers, but I hope it made them more comfortable.

I kept busy with sewing my shirt.  Why I chose the softest stretchiest knit to practice with I have no idea.  What was I thinking??  At least it forced me to mess with my sewing machine to find out the best way to handle the fabric.  Yes that's masking tape on the front of my machine.  I had to cover up the shiny chrome because I was being blinded by the reflection from my task light.  It's not the perfect solution, but it'll do for now.

So that's all.  One more day of holiday then back to our regular schedule.  Ugh.  I really don't like that word, schedule.  Ah well.  :-)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Coughing better

After both of us staying in all week long feeling miserable it was very nice to get out on Saturday and Sunday.  The Viking seemed content to go with the flow.  The dogs didn't get much joy either since it was either too hot or too stormy and chances were The Tramp or I were taking a nap.

But some good times were had on the floor next to my sewing table.

I finished all the sewing, ironing and trimming of nine-patches.  Yay!  Then I could begin making the blocks.

After sewing a few nine-patches and squares together the OCD side of my brain made me stop and sort all the neutral squares into sets of four.  There.  Much better.  Now I wouldn't worry about ending up with no variety in some of my blocks.  I make myself nuts.  :-)

I took a short trip out Saturday afternoon and look what chased me home!  That is one ugly cloud.  This is about a mile and a half from the house and by the time I got around the corner it was POURING!

So what to do?  Of course!  Take yet another nap, with Piglet alternately guarding and sleeping above my head on the back of the couch.  :-)

Today however, was absolutely gorgeous.  Not even too hot.  So we took a drive to a different lake.

The Tramp even smiled!  lol

And there he is in the water.  It's a pretty enough beach, but I doubt we will go again.  For one thing the swimming area is smaller than our favorite beach.  Worse though, is the buoys don't keep the boats and jet skis far enough away from the beach.  The roar of engines and stink of gas fumes were very off-putting.  The first time we went in the water a fish kept bumping into me.  I think it was trying to taste the design on my bathing suit.  When I went to brush it away it BIT me!!  Actually just a nip on my thumb, but The Tramp says I let out quite a shriek which got the attention of everyone on the beach.  Oh my!

 I must have been exceptionally tasty today.  After we arrived home I did a quick circuit around the back yard with the dogs and got eight mosquito bites.  I could practically hear them shouting, "She's here!  Come and get it!"  The Tramp grilled us some fabulous little steaks for dinner and darn it if another mosquito didn't come in with the steak and we spent our whole dinnertime trying to swat it.  And guess who got more bites?  Sigh.

Anyway, the evening has been peaceful (and bug free) and all my units are stitched together.  Only one nine-patch and two squares left over.  Not bad!